Coffee Facts

Coffee in Canada

Coffee is Canada’s most consumed beverage amongst adults – even more than tap water. As champions for the advancement and enjoyment of coffee in Canada, the Coffee Association of Canada (CAC) continually strives to better understand and educate Canadians about their favourite brew.

Every year, the CAC commissions the proprietary Canadian Coffee Drinking Study on behalf of its members. Below is an infographic, which highlights a few key findings from the results of the 2020 survey.

See our 2019 COFFEE BY THE NUMBERS infographic for a compilation of additional coffee facts.

The Coffee Industry in Canada:
  • $6.2 billion industry
  • $4.8 billion sales in Foodservice
  • $1.4 billion sales in Grocery / Retail Sales

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Coffee Creates Jobs in Canada: 
  • 160,000+ jobs in Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • 5,000+ jobs in Manufacturing and Roasting
  • 5,000+ independent café and coffee shop owners and several thousand franchise owner-operators
  • Attractive entry-level positions for young people
  • Jobs in support sectors such as packaging, cup suppliers, food manufacturing etc.

Coffee and Trade

Of the traditional importing markets for coffee – North America, Europe and Japan, Canada is showing, by a considerable degree, the fastest sustained growth in the last decade.

Over 30 developing countries export coffee to Canada.