Annual Conference

We “came together”!

We listened. We learned. We shared. We grew.

The buzz in the room at the CAC Conference on September 23rd wasn’t just from the coffee! It started with Alex Macedo sharing the Tim Hortons journey over the last few years – as well as the new Double Double bar. This was followed by important discussions around the future of coffee, challenging us to come together to do better. Presentations on sustainability and innovation, cannabis and disposability made us think. And a wealth of consumer data from Nielsen, NPD and highlights from the CAC’s 2019 Coffee Drinking Trends Study provided industry intelligence and insights.

Many thanks to our presenters, panelists, moderators, sponsors and sub-committee for their generous contributions and support, which enabled the day to come together so successfully.

Speaker Bio’s & Presentations

Alex Macedo

Sylvain CharleboisPresentation

Andrea Chiaramello 

Carman Allison – Presentation

Robert Carter –

Cheryl Hung – Presentation

Tony RossiPresentation

Theresa von Fuchs

Chad Finkelstein

Bambi Semroc