CAC's 2018 Annual Conference

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CAC's 2018 Annual Conference

2017 Coffee Trends

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Coffee and the Canadian Economy:

  • 160,000+ jobs (in restaurants, manufacturing, franchising and support sectors)
  • $6.2 Billion Total Sales
  • $4.8 Billion Sales in Foodservice
  • $1.4 Billion Sales in Grocery / Retail

Canada has enjoyed the fastest coffee importing growth among leading traditional world markets with over 30 developing countries exporting coffee to Canada. Click here for more about coffee in Canada.

Coffee and Health

How does coffee and caffeine consumption relate to my health and well-being?

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An Industry Focused on Sustainability:

In Canada, coffee businesses drive important sustainability initiatives in store design, recycling and operating practices. Many Canadian coffee companies have also established direct relationships built around aid and sustainability in a number of coffee growing countries. [more]

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