The proportion of Canadian adults drinking coffee in the past day has risen significantly, up from 62% in 2009 to 65% in 2010.

Canadian coffee drinkers' drink an average of 2.8 cups of coffee per day. Men and women are equally likely to be coffee consumers with men drinking slightly more coffee than women.

Coffee drinkers within the 35 to 64 year-old age category continue to consume more coffee daily, on average, compared to those in younger or older age categories.

Daily coffee consumption varies across the country, from a high of 71% in Quebec to 60% in the Atlantic region.  Approximately 63% of adults in Ontario, 63% in the Prairies and 64% in the Pacific region drink coffee on a daily basis.

Coffee is a morning beverage for Canadian consumers overall with nearly 55% of coffee consumed at breakfast, 19% in the balance of the morning, 8% at lunch, 12% in the afternoon, 7% at dinner and 8% in the evening.

 In-home continues to be the dominant place for consumption with just over half of Canadian consumers (51%) drinking coffee at home in the past day.

79% of coffee drinkers drank coffee at home in the past day.

Among adult coffee drinkers, the share of cups (80%) of traditional coffee made at home is eight times higher than the share of cups purchased prepared (11%).

40% of coffee drinkers drank coffee out-of-home vs. The proportion of coffee drinkers reporting consuming coffee “at work” dropped significantly from 21% to 18% in 2010, returning to historical levels.

57% of coffee purchased prepared is bought at donut or bagel shops.  Among those who purchase coffee for in-home
consumption, the proportion buying coffee from a supermarket or grocery store decreased in 2010 from 71% to 66%.
Awareness and purchase of cause-related coffee continues to increase among coffee drinkers. There continues to be a better conversion from awareness to purchase for Fair Trade coffee than any other cause-related coffee, including organically grown coffee.

Regular coffee comprises 67% of total coffee beverages consumed in the past day by coffee drinkers. Instant coffee is second, representing 13% of coffee consumed. 

Adult Canadians prefer brewed and other coffee formats to instant coffee:  Six-in-ten agree that “instant coffee is not the same quality of other coffee options.

Penetration of traditional hot coffee has increased significantly in 2010, up from 59% to 62%. Specialty coffee penetration remains stable at 9%.

Past month penetration of specialty coffee increased significantly from 32% in 2009 to 36% in 2010. This is driven by increases in the proportion of Canadians consuming iced/cold coffee and café mocha.

Ownership of both single cup drip brewers and single cup machines that use special pods, discs or cartridges has increased in 2010.  Kettle ownership is up significantly for the second straight year.

Three-quarters of in-home coffee drinkers like the fact that premium brands are available through the grocery channel.

The Coffee Association of Canada commissioned the Canadian Coffee Drinking Study.  A total of 2617 telephone interviews were conducted with Canadians aged 16 years of age and older.

Waves of research conducted before 2009 were with adult Canadians (18 years+).  Since one of the additions to the 2009 research was to understand younger drinkers and how they behave within the category, the minimum age requirement was decreased from 18 to 16 years of age.

For further information or to purchase copies of the report summary please contact Sandy McAlpine or Paige Entwistle at the Coffee Association of Canada at 416-510-8032.


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