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The oldest coffee in the world?

(Excerpt from BBC Travel) From huts in remote villages to internet cafes in the capital city, coffee ceremonies are the centre of social life and hospitality in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Read the full story here

The guys that designed youtube just redesigned the coffee break

(Excerpt from …Knapp and Zeratsky are examining the role that coffee plays in time management. Now that’s something new and, from what I can see, their observations are dripping with insight. Here’s the gist of their observations: Read the full story here

Fresh grounds for coffee: Study shows it may boost longevity

CHICAGO — Go ahead and have that cup of coffee, maybe even several more. New research shows it may boost chances for a longer life, even for those who down at least eight cups daily. In a study of nearly half-a-million British adults, coffee drinkers had a slightly lower risk of death over 10 years […more]

New study finds undetectable levels of acrylamide in coffee

Exerpt from A new study tested nine popular coffee brands and found each and every one to contain undetectable levels of acrylamide.The research was performed by Denver-based Clean Label Project, a nonprofit organization “focused on health and transparency in labeling” per their press release, who purchased nine brands of off-the-shelf retail coffee to be brewed and […more]

Science Says: What we know about cancer risk and coffee

Trouble is brewing for coffee lovers in California, where a judge ruled that sellers must post scary warnings about cancer risks. But how frightened should we be of a daily cup of joe? Not very, some scientists and available evidence seem to suggest. Scientific concerns about coffee have eased in recent years, and many studies […more]

Coffee is good for you

(excerpt from COFFEE LOVERS, REJOICE. New research suggests that people who drink two to three cups of coffee a day—caffeinated or not—may have a lower chance of dying from certain illnesses than those who abstain. The study, thought to be the largest of its kind, followed more than 500,000 people in 10 European countries […more]

Global Coffee News

Coffee is loved and consumed around the world. The Coffee Association of Canada and its members continually strive to better understand and educate themselves, and Canadians, about their favourite brew. Read the latest stories on coffee innovation and trends from across the globe. Australia… Coffee is good for you (February 21, 2018) The deconstructed flat white gets […more]

5 Reasons to Drink Coffee on National Coffee Day (and every day!)

September 29, 2017 is National Coffee Day across North America. Here are 5 reasons why you should enjoy your favourite cup of joe on September 29 and every day! … Coffee may be associated with a reduced risk of developing numerous cancers. In fact, in June 2016, IARC (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) – […more]

Coffee may help you live longer

(excerpt from ABC News) – Drinking coffee is linked to a decreased risk of death, according to two large studies published Monday, July 9, 2017 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. One study examined the coffee-drinking patterns of more than 185,000 Americans over a 16-year period. The researchers found that regular coffee consumption was […more]

Media Advisory

2016 Canadian Coffee Trends Report highlights being presented November 1st   Coffee is the most popular beverage amongst adult Canadians over 16 – even more than tap water. So what does the future look like for the $6.2 billion Canadian coffee industry? Why does coffee remain the #1 consumed beverage in Canada? How are Millennials […more]