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Coffee by the Numbers… Countdown to National Coffee Day

With days until National Coffee Day (September 29, 2019), the Coffee Association of Canada is celebrating Canada’s favourite beverage… by the numbers… 1* Coffee is the most popular beverage among adult Canadians over 16 – even more than tap water. 2.8* The average # of cups of coffee Canadian adults drink daily, with more choosing […more]

Two cups of coffee a day could help you live longer, study finds

(Excerpt from CTV News)

Can’t get through the day without a couple of cups of joe? That might not be such a bad thing according to a new meta-analysis, which suggests that drinking just two cups of coffee a day could increase life expectancy by up to two years…

9 Impressive Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

(Excerpt from

Cold brew coffee has gained popularity among coffee drinkers in recent years…Though most research on the health benefits of coffee uses hot brew, cold brew is thought to offer many similar effects.

The Funny Psychology of Why We Love the Taste of Coffee

(Excerpt from Forbes) According to a new study from Northwestern University, coffee lovers aren’t less sensitive to the bitter taste, as you might guess; they’re actually more sensitive to it, which points to an interesting psychological phenomenon behind our love of coffee. Read more here

Cheers to National Coffee Day!

This Saturday, September 29th is National Coffee Day. And Canadians love their coffee! Read more…  Three Healthful Reasons to Drink Coffee on National Coffee Day 2018!